Manufacturing production: Management and traceability system (MRP).

N.B. Automation offers specialized solutions for your processes traceability and your production’s quality control.

autofab manufacturing solutions

A complete management a traceability solution to ensure the respect and the optimization your manufacturing business process.

AutoFAB management and traceability system is designed to facilitate the execution of daily work tasks and to ensure the respect and the conformity of each manufacturing procedure to be applied.

Designed specifically to meet manufacturing industry requirements, the AutoFAB management and traceability solution is modular. Each specialized module is configurable and will integrate quickly into your work environment.

Furthermore, then assuring the respect and the conformity of your operations, decreasing your errors and accelerating your productivity, the AutoFAB manufacturing management system will bring an important decrease of your operational cost.

Bilingual, flexible and user-friendly, AutoFAB will revolutionize the operation of your business!

Bids module:

Using the parametrization tools or creating automatic recipes (flexible parameters) will let you meet your clients’ requests easily.

  • Establish various scenarios (product size, materials, options, etc.);
  • AutoFAB and the Solid Edge interface module allow completely transparent designing of 3D parametric products;
  • Print detailed and instant bids (price per product list, discount calculation, and various documents in the client’s preferred language);
  • Establish production schedules.

Purchases and order management module:

  • Plan provisioning according to upcoming orders;
  • Plan purchases automatically through links to your business’s different departments;
  • Print all the documents needed for upcoming orders (bid solicitation for the purchase of raw materials, purchase orders, recalled product reports, product receiving records, etc.).

Pre-production module:

Efficiently prepare production as soon as your client’s order has been placed.

  • Manage standard inventories, as well as lot or serial number inventories;
  • Prepare purchase files and set aside materials;
  • Print documents needed for manufacturing start-up (drawings, procedures, purchase orders/order forms, bar code labels for monitoring, etc.);
  • Use the Act/Cut module to optimize the use of raw materials such as steel sheets and plates for plasma cutters or punch, and automatically generate « G-CODE » programs.

Production and production monitoring module:

  • Create your own, fully configurable, production monitoring screens; design a multitude of menus to meet the requirements of each production stage.
  • Enter data for each production stage (quantity to be produced, production schedule for each workstation, total production time, etc.);
  • Get on-screen production instructions, texts, photos and videos to which employees will be able to refer for help;
  • Subtract from inventory the raw materials needed for production;
  • Use the SP and SP+ modules to collect production time for each operation;
  • Inventory and document the various production stages (history of purchases, inventories, production, shipping and receiving, warehouse to warehouse transfers, numerous reports, etc.).

Shipping module:

  • Define different shipping options (according to order or customer) and deliver your products on schedule;
  • Print your own documents and simplify shipping (bar code labels, delivery slips, bill of lading, etc.);
  • Send shipping data directly to the accounting department.

Billing module:

Start eliminating duplicate data capture and errors resulting from re-entry!

  • Manage your accounting effectively by linking different departments (sales, purchasing, shipping, etc.);
  • Send data directly to your accounting system;
  • Print invoices in the customer’s preferred language.

Dashboards adapted to your company needs:

  • Create your own fully configurable dashboards and, process and display information consistent with the needs of each department.

An effective control of your industrial production.

For over 25 years, the Canadian company N.B. Automation is specialized in the design and development of management solutions for quality control and traceability.

AutoFAB is an intuitive solution that makes manufacturing production workers and managers day-to-day work easier.

N.B. Automation manufacturing production field specialized team understands your reality and is fully available to meet the specific needs of your industry.

25 years of bringing tangible results with our solutions.